Sri Saraswathi Vidhya Mandhir Girls Matric.Hr.Sec.School,Karur

- A New Vision




"The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth."

Sri Saraswathi Vidhya Mandhir Girls Matric.Hr.Sec.School,Karur

We deem it our pleasure and privilege in welcoming the parents, whose chief pursuit is in providing classic education to their daughters. At SSVM we ensure a brilliant present and a bright future to every child. SSVM nurtures a safe and secure learning environment where ’Best Education’ is imparted. We make the girls attain all the enlightening skills and expertise needed for holistic development.

This School is founded to offer "ELITE EDUCATION — EXCLUSIVELY FOR GIRLS”. ‘Quality Teaching and Training’ empowers students on global and conventional perspectives, besides integrating our tradition and culture all through the system. We create opportunities for learners to achieve high standards of living, not just academically but in life as a whole. ”Student — Centric Education” fosters universal values, leadership qualities, forward thinking and world—class citizenship. We ascertain that this organization with ample opening for individual growth, will effortlessly escalate every child to reach the pinnacle of success.

Vision & Mission


Our Vision is to Inspire,Innovate and Inculcate outstanding Education in every learner


To help the childern become self confident,committed & self-reliant
To make the students participate in all aspects of learning process which makes learning meaningful and enjoyable
To create empowered global citizens who think creatively,logically and laterally


We at SSVM follow Samacheer Kalvi,a curriculum approved by the Government of Tmailnadu.We have classes from standard VI to XII

Groups offered in Higher Secondary(English Medium)

2.Physics,Chemistry,Maths,Computer Science.
First Language:Tamil/French