❖ Separate hostel is run for Boys and girls to provide all the support for a sound learning environment. The Hostel is a Home away from Home

❖ Boarding students reside in dormitories amidst scenic surroundings.The dormitories are spacious and well ventilated. Each dormitory is under the supervision of Boarding Teachers, providing every resident student at SSVM, 'an emotional security, guidance and comfort'.

❖ A resident student at SSVM is taught the foundations of attitudes and . skills, preparing each of them for life "beyond school" A warden manages student's affairs and helps them in every aspect of the hostel life.

❖ Boarders are taught the art of dressing to perfection, presenting themselves in a neat, tidy and orderly form. Importance of a disciplined and healthy life is passionately ingrained.

❖ Telephone booths are available in hostel so that all the students can talk to parents twice a week.