Academic Advisor & Treasurer

Dr.SPN.Sharavanan, M.Sc., M.Phil., B.Ed.,

A captivating Leader, active Educationist and a vibrant Administrator, "Best Teacher" Dr. SPN.Sharavanan, the 'Academic Advisor & Treasurer' of SSVM and the 'Treasurer & Controller of Examinations' of Green Park, Namakkal, is an embodiment of indomitable courage and wisdom. His flamboyant passion for empowering children, with strong academic foundation and enlightening energy has embellished the spirit of SSVM. 'Quality Education' being his 'Prime Mantra', he believes in creating 'a new-genre-art' for comprehensive learning and 'Top-score achievement' for +2 aspirants and emerged as a pioneer in this field. Exceeding 2 decades of proficient Chemistry teaching, this marvel has carved a niche in creating innumerable centum holders & State Toppers who have dedicated their accomplishments to this amazing enthusiast.

A cheerful personality with lofty ideals, his vivid and unsurpassed drive for excellence continues to inspire hope, ignite the imagination and instill love for learning in every child. His diligent endeavour at SSVM will serve as a beacon for learners to flourish as Doctors, Engineers and topnotch professionals. This prodigy's mission escalates his entire team to success. Conferred with the prestigious 'Dr.Radhakrishnan Award' from the Govt of Tamilnadu, this versatile celebrity is a recipient of a galore of awards.

• Best Teacher Award - 2012 (Jaycees, Erode)

• Kongu Saadhanaiyaalar Virudhu - 2013

• The Best Educator Award - 2015

• Oorukku Perumai Serppor Virudhu - 2015

The University of South America has acknowledged his yeomen service to the student community and awarded him the 'Honorary Doctorate Degree'.

President & Correspondent

Shri.S.Subramanian, M.Sc., M.A., M.Phil., M.Ed.,

• An outstanding Leader, commendable Guide, flamboyant Educationist and a benevolent Administrator, Shri. S. Subramanian, the President and Correspondent of SSVM and President of Green Park, Namakkal, is a simple and serene personality.

• With innovation being his key drive, his zest for perfection remains undiminished. His charismatic and overwhelming optimistic nature is an inspiration to his students and staff alike.

• As a resourceful educator in Botany he sets new horizons for his 'taught to explore'. Having produced countless State toppers and centum holders for more than 25 years, he has also been instrumental in creating bountiful doctors and other topnotch professionals.

• 'Teaching Legend' and an 'Aspiring Naturalist' he hits the target of imparting tough concepts through interesting anecdotes and short stories in an elegant and unmatched style. While his prime focus is on monitoring the organization's culture, he is equally adored and applauded for his exemplary teaching.

• Apart from being a teacher par excellence, he is blessed with fine drawing skills which bring the real floral world on the black board.

• 'An icon for Biology and a beacon for education and Administration' all wrapped up in a single entity, he is an epitome of success adorning the marvellous SSVM.


Shri.K.Thangavel, M.Sc., M.Phil., M.Ed.,

Our Secretary Shri.K.Thangavel made a remarkable ascent from a teacher to the Director. With zeal and passion for 'Quality education', his foresighted spirit inspires the teacher and the taught. Through his 'Creative teaching of Zoology' for XII students, he has scaled the heights of distinction in an easy and effective way. Unfolding the secret of success through dedication and determination for 25 years, he made incredible number of centum scorers and State rankers who owe him a lot.

As an able Administrator, he has a strong conviction that impossible is possible with fiery ambition, strong resolution and arduous industriousness. Through his amicable leadership skill, this magnificent personality will enrich SSVM in creating innumerable State Toppers, Doctors, Engineers and other topnotch leaders of high-profile. SSVM shall engrave ever scripted success-stories to speak on his motivational guidance for accomplishments by the entire team.



• Dynamic, sincere and man making Engineer Shri. K. Srinivasan, the Co-ordinator of SSVM, is an efficient entrepreneur.

• His dedication, involvement, undying spirit of punctuality and enthusiasm echo perfection in every atom of SSVM Campus.

• He has captivated the hearts of the students, staff and parents with his compassion.

• Driven with a passion for achieving goals he accomplishes them in time.

• His untiring involvement in the welfare of students —'boarders and day scholars', Acumen in monitoring the Ac-ademics and Administration of SSVM campus, invoke in them the strength and energy complementing his goodwill.

• Being a fabulous philanthropist, he is admired and adored by one and all.

• Implicit tolerance, instant availability for helping every time in SSVM Campus, genuine involvement in smooth functioning of the brightened SSVM life, for learners and the staff - all make him an admirable personality loved by people of all ages.